About Me

It's All About My Story

I Have Been A Passionate Make Up Artist.

As a makeup artist, I am an exceptionally talented individual who possesses a true passion for the art of transforming faces and enhancing natural beauty. With your skillful hands and keen eye for detail, you bring out the best in your clients, leaving them feeling confident and radiant.

My journey as a makeup artist began with a deep fascination for colors, textures, and the power of makeup to create unique looks. Over the years, you have honed your craft through dedication and continuous learning. My thirst for knowledge in the latest makeup trends, techniques, and products sets you apart in the industry and keeps you at the forefront of your profession.

Thyagaraj k

About Team

Manifest was conceptualized by Thyagaraj after attaining hardcore experience in beauty and hair care. Today we are a fastest growing salon in south Bangalore, a preferred service provider for ‘20000 satisfied customers’. Our Team is highly customer centric, young and friendly. As a team we bring in total 30 years of experience.


We believe in creativity our endeavor is to come out with creative solution in hair , skin and personal care. We blend our Skill and handpicked product to give you best value of money and time.